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The incredibly rich projects administration experiences and a person to 1 service model make the substantial importance of organization communication and our easy understanding of your expectations for Submersible pump, Water-Submersible Pump, Centrifugal Pump We have now a experienced crew for international trade. We are able to solve the problem you meet. We are able to offer the products and solutions you want. You should really feel free of charge to speak to us.
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Inclined Horizontal Submerged submersible pump

Model No. : 300QJ/L350

Submersible sewage pump machine pump coaxial compact structure high efficiency convenient installation and maintenance operation economy strong adaptability its installation mode has mobile installation and fixed installation fixed installation is...

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Blade wheel type single stage submersible pump

Model No. : 300QJ/L320

Well submersible pump is a water pump which is directly connected with the motor and water pump and works in water It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells or in rivers reservoirs and aqueducts It is mainly used for farmland...

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Single stage submersible pump

Model No. : 250QJ/L80

Rong Heng group has attracted wide attention from all walks of life since its establishment The company s achievements and achievements are inseparable from the recognition and support inside and outside the company It is inseparable from the trust...

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Volumetric submersible centrifugal pump

Model No. : 250QJ80

The demand for development and use of pumps is combined with the progress of science and technology Submersible pumps can be divided into submersible pumps submersible pumps submersible pumps sand pumps and vertical pumps Well submersible pump The...

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Blade wheel drainage electric pump

Model No. : 200QJ/L50

The upper part of the submersible motor shaft is provided with a labyrinth sand protection device and a reverse skeleton oil seal to prevent sand flowing into the motor The submersible motor uses water lubricated bearings the lower part is equipped...

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Leaf wheeled submersible pump

Model No. : 200QJ50

The installation steps of the submersible pump 1 acceptance of deep well submersible pump users should check carefully when picking up the goods to the logistics company to see if there is any damage to the outer skin of the cable The water pump has...

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Horizontal deep well multistage centrifugal pump

Model No. : 175QJ/L32

1 the submersible pump should work at the design point The axial force is moderate at this time The pump has the highest efficiency The most economical and reliable 2 and submersible pumps must be checked once every 8 hours There is no change in...

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Vertical multistage deep well submersible pump

Model No. : 175QJ32

The choice of submersible pump before use is very important The type of pump should be selected according to the actual situation of water source and working time and pump volume First of all the choice of head is greater than the difference between...

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Horizontal submersible centrifugal pump

Model No. : 150QJ/L32

The submersible pump unit consists of a water pump a submersible motor including a cable a water delivery pipe and a control switch The submersible pump is a single suction multistage vertical centrifugal pump the submersible motor is a closed water...

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Multistage deep well centrifugal pump

Model No. : 150QJ32

As a general machine pump is widely used Therefore the application and promotion of products cause trouble Generally speaking water pump can be divided according to the principle of drainage one the impeller pump such as centrifugal pump mixed flow...

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Vertical submersible Electric pump

Model No. : 150QJ/L20

There are several kinds of submersible pumps There are oil invading and water invading type in the motor It is necessary to see the instructions before using the submersible pump It must not be wrong for a long time It is necessary to turn the...

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Sewerage submersible pump unit

Model No. : 150QJ20

The submersible pump is widely used in the daily use It is used in the important equipment of the deep well water extraction and farmland irrigation in the urban and industrial enterprises The motor and the pump work together into the water It has...

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Water submersible pump with clear water

Model No. : 150QJ/L10

In order to keep the submersible pump running steadily in the working environment regular maintenance must be guaranteed The main contents are to ensure the reliable operation of the submersible pump and prolong the service life It is necessary to...

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Deep water well pump

Model No. : 150QJ10

Deep water well pump has been widely used Our company can customize all kinds of needs After replacing the bearings and mechanical seals of the submersible pump the low replay of the rotor and the pump shaft should be paid attention to in the...

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Multilevel submersible drainage electric pump

Model No. : 150QJ/L5

The pump body impeller and the motor of the driving impeller are all submerged into the water and there are two kinds of pumps deep well and working face The pump body impeller and the motor of the driving impeller are all submerged into the water...

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Submersible pump in oil field

Model No. : 150QJ5

QJ series submersible pump is an important equipment which is widely used in deep well water extraction and farmland irrigation in urban and industrial enterprises The product is reasonable in design compact in structure and into water with motor...

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The Water-Submersible pump is an important equipment which is widely used in the deep well water extraction and farmland irrigation in urban and mining enterprises. The design of the modified product is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the motor and pump work together in the water. It has the characteristics of small noise, long life, small volume, reliable operation, high operation efficiency and convenient installation and maintenance.