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Water Injection Pump

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Water Injection Pump

Water injection pump is the indispensable pump for high and stable out-put during middle and final stages of petroleum production. We can produce water injection pump independently, such as CYZSB standard pressure injection pumps and ZYZSB supercharging pumps have won national patent which number is ZL94247239.X.

Working Conditions:

•Transport medium for water, oil, or oil and water mixture.

•Solid content (proportion by weight) no more than 0.05%

•The medium temperature is not higher than 80℃, and the environmental temperature is ±40℃.

•The supply voltage should be 380V + 5% at 50Hz, special arrangement should be made if the customers have special requirements on frequency converter or click itself.

•Inlet pressure and outlet pressure: The inlet pressure of standard injection pump is 0-2MPa (sufficient liquid supply should be guaranteed), the inlet pressure of supercharging should be 2-25MPa.

Water injection pump is mainly consisted of five parts:

1. Control Cabinet 2. diving motor 3. gaskets and shaft device 4. pump 5, base