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Settlement type double stage electric pump separator

Model No. : 675series

Our company is the main design and manufacturer of international electric pump and leaf guide wheel For many years we have been devoted to the manufacture and research and development of the submersible pump and its accessories water injection pump...

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Double stage centrifugal pump separator

Model No. : 540series

According to the gas content in the oil well the oil and gas separator can choose the settling oil gas separator and the rotating oil and gas separator If the gas content in the oil well is high we can also use the double stage oil and gas separator...

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Swirl deep well pump oil and gas separator

Model No. : 400series

The brand of Rong Heng brand is a world brand in the world oil drilling and mining equipment manufacturing industry by listing in the domestic and foreign exchanges and implementing the global brand strategy through the capital market Rong Heng...

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Rotary double stage oil and gas separator

Model No. : 387series

Tianjin Rong Heng Group Limited by Share Ltd is a national enterprise group approved by the Ministry of agriculture of the Chinese people s Republic of China Our company has been working on scientific research and production for a long time The...

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Oil and gas separator for submersible pump

Model No. : 338series

The oil and gas separator is a connecting device between the pump and the protector In order to ensure the continuous normal operation of the multistage centrifugal pump in the oil well with gas it is the normal flow into the pump to reduce the...

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Submersible electric pump separator

Model No. : 338/387/400/540/675

In order to ensure normal operation of centrifugal pumps in gas wells oil and gas separators are usually installed between pumps and protectors According to the gas bearing condition of the oil well the sedimentation type oil gas separator or rotary...

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Separator And Inducer

In order to ensure normal and continuous working of the Centrifugal Pump in gas-containing oil wells, and oil-Gas Separator is usually installed between the protector and the pump. Sedimentation separator or rotation separator may be used according to the different gas conditions of the oil well. For oil well with high gas content, double-section separator is used in order to ensure effective separation of free gas. Special construction designation separator can be used in high-sand wells and you will get a satisfying result.