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Petroleum Submersed Motor

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Suspension type submersible asynchronous motor

Model No. : 138series

The development of oil mining technology driven by submersible motor Daqing Oil Field Co sixth oil production plant No 1 oil mine Daqing 163000 Heilongjiang with the development of economy people s living standards are increasing and the demand for...

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Vertical three phase asynchronous submersible motor

Model No. : 116series

At present the number of submersible pumps in the USSR is the largest in the world up to more than 40 thousand the output accounts for half of the crude oil and the pump cycle is more than 500D In the 60s of last century China began to develop and...

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Closed type three-phase asynchronous submersible motor

Model No. : 107series

The submersible screw pump oil extraction system has the advantages of flexible convenient high efficiency and strong corrosion resistance when mining high viscosity high sand and high gas content With the prolongation of oil field mining time and...

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Oil immersed closed type submersible motor

Model No. : 95series

At present oil extraction technologies widely used in major oilfields at home and abroad include submersible pumps submersible screw pumps water conservancy piston pumps and gas lift The electric submersible pump has many advantages such as large...

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Electric submersible electric pump unit motor

Model No. : 375/456/540/562

The submersible motor is a three phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor When 50HZ the rated revolution is 2850 rpm The oil submersible motor is a vertical suspension structure which is filled with oil immersed closed type filled with special...

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China Petroleum Submersed Motor Suppliers

Petroleum Submersed Motor

The submersible motor is a three-phase motor and its rated revolution speed is 2850 RPM every minute at 50 HZ.

The submersible motor is vertical suspended construction. It is airtight with oil-immersed, interior of the motor is completely filled with special lubricant as lubrication, insulation and thermal conduction. Because the submersible motor is limited in varied wellhead, various series and sizes of the submersible motor are designed in order to meet requirements of different oil wells. It also can single, double or multiple sections tandem according to the different power.

Our company can produce the submersible motor of 375 series, 456 series, 540 series, 562 series and 172 series of submersible motors. We can produce the anti-temperature Submersible pump which can resist 90℃.120℃ and 150℃ according to the requirement of customers.