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Leader Cable

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Special cable for submersible pump unit

The special lead cable of the submersible pump is our own self produced product It has a high reputation in the industry and is well received by the users Our products are sold to all the major oil fields abroad We look forward to working closely...

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Power cable of submersible pump assembly

The special power cable of the submersible pump is the self produced and self produced product of our company It is well received by the users Our products are sold to all the major oil fields abroad We look forward to working closely with you We...

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Galvanized steel band lead cable

Model No. : 540series

Provide special technical service and training based on customer s demands Work out technical consultation and solution on ESP faults in high gas content high temperature and large deviated wells Cooperate with users to size pumps delivery ESP units...

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Stainless steel strip lead cable

Model No. : 456series

The submersible pump unit of Rong Heng Group has been praised by the customers all the time The small flat cable head produced by our company is fully equipped with small flat cable head and winding type small flat cable head Products performance...

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Winding galvanized steel cable

Model No. : 375series

The motor lead extension is uesd to link the power cable and the motor the specifications of pothead include winding type and the plug in type cable head There are different temperature rating for example 120 150 180 we usually ues galvanized steel...

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Submersible electric pump lead cable

Model No. : 375/456/540/562

The lead cable is used to connect the connecting cable between the submersible motor and the submersible cable The working condition of the oil well is abominable and it is often in the environment of high temperature high pressure oil and gas and...

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Leader Cable

The junction box can be equipped with high temperature wire in front of the factory, and the lead wire is protected by armored cable or metal weaving. Its role is to make the submersible cable, because of the street submersible motor, the company's small flat cable head production equipment is complete, can be made of wound type, plug-in small flat cable head.