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Twin Screw Pump

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Twin Screw Pump

Twin screw pump is positive displacement turns round pump. The pump has characteristics of great flow, high pressure, no pulsation, small vibration, low noise level, reliable running and long service life. Different design of spirit line type is applied for transport of different medium. There are different mechanical seal to ensure desirable of spirit transporting

The pump can use cooling double mechanical sealing system which is independently lubricated and compensated pressure, it can be applied to transport crude oil with gas and high viscosity medium. The pump is the ideal equipment for petroleum industry, petroleum industry and synthetic rubber industry.

Twin screw pump can transmit various lubricating or non-lubricating, high or low viscous liquid, and transmit medium with a little granule by using particular material.

Petroleum and Petroleum Industry: handing various lubricant hydraulic oil, crude oil, residual oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, gasoline and etc.

Ship Building Industry: Transporting and pressing pump for various light or heavy fuel oil, waste oil, dirty oil and sewage sludge cabin bottom.

Chemical Industry: Transporting and filling pump for various acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, glycerin, paraffin and cosmetics emulsion.

Plant Industry: Handing printing ink, pigment, various paint and dope.

Food Industry: Handing alcohol, beverage, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, soy sauce, and animal oil, vegetable oil, chocolate and medium with high viscosity.

Traffic Industry: loading, unloading and filling oil goods for gas stations and tankers.