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387series Petroleum Submersed Pump

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Multistage pump for nickel alloy cast iron

Model No. : 387series

The Group is mainly engaged in design research manufacture and repair sale and service of ESP units whole set electric equipment boost water injection pumps machining fittings impellersguide shells for pump and other advanced precision castings Its...

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The Electric Submersible Pump is called the electric submersible Centrifugal Pump, or the Electric Pump. It is a downhole lifting equipment that pumps the motor and pump together into the oil well below the liquid level. The electric Submersible pump is a multi-stage centrifugal pump working in the downhole. The power supply is transferred into the well with the oil pipe. The ground power supply is transported to the underground submersible motor through the Transformer, the control panel and the submersible cable, so that the motor drives the multistage centrifugal pump to rotate, and the electric energy is converted to the mechanical energy, and the well fluid in the oil well is lifted to the ground.